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about us.

We are an architecture and interior design studio, with 'out of the box' thinking and concepts.

Quality is not only our standard. It's also an attitude instilled in our company. We go beyond the expected to find the best possible solution.

At XPAND Studio, we believe that designing a space for you means considering multiple aspects like space,
construction integrity, the economy of means, aesthetics, etc. We are continuously exploring to enhance your
experience by increasing the quality of your space.

Our design approach is conceived not as a synthesized space of definite activities but as a place to be occupied by you, and as a place to make easy the route of human interaction. This restricts us from following any definite style of work and the form evolves after taking into consideration the function and the site-specific environment.
Yet the form is independent enough to be unique. While deriving the form, a thread is constantly tied to the
energies around the building and how to make the building energy efficient. This encourages us to use local materials, craft persons and appropriate technologies. All and all we strive to give you a product that is functionally efficient, aesthetically pleasing, responds positively to climatic factors, and age gracefully.

We will continue to provide architectural spaces that embody beauty and pleasure in serene settings, touching the sentiments of those who use them.

Xpand Studio is concerned with people, first and foremost, and we believe our buildings/interiors are a response to the ways in which people live, work, play and be.




"They offered innovative insights for the designs and delivered a final product that was stunning. All team members were very professional and dependable. We would definitely recommend"

-Namrata, Bangalore


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