Triangle Ruler

The Zain International School . Mumbai

Type. Education | Completed. 2019

Size. 3500sqft.  | Cost60 lac

A educational institution where vernacular architectural elements meet modern facades on this twelve-
acre plot in Bangalore. One of the primary design challenges was to create a versatile campus that would serve many functions for many people.


The institution constitutes of academic block for primary and secondary education, admin block with an
attached library block.


The academic building is the most imposing structure on campus, it is designed using vernacular
techniques of construction and exposed brick to keep the structure natually ventilated and sustainable.
Brick is the unifying thread of the campus—a material that is vernacular and local. It also doesn't require
whitewashing or repainting the complex. With the sun, the joints between bricks create shadows on the
facade. It has sustainability built into it.


The north facade of the building has large openings to allow north light and naturally lighten the spaces

within, while the southern facade has metal louvres to prevent the harsh sunlight.
Bangalore has a harsh summer, but then you have a winter where you crave for sunlight to permeate
through the building, so jalis are a wonderful way of creating a microclimate within the building.


Sustainability and energy efficiency began at a structural level: the orientation of buildings to minimise
heat gain, cavity walls to reduce the amount of heat going into the building, and deep overhangs of over
two metres that protect the facades from the direct glare of sunlight. This immediately served to reduce
the energy load for air conditioning. Additionally, increasing natural light has significantly reduced the
cost of lighting. All artificial lighting is solar-powered.
The library block has Roman architectrural influence with combined use of arcuated and trabeated


A residential block for the students as well as the faculty is also designed on campus, while an olypmic
size race track, indoor swimming pool and amphitheatre facilitate the bright future of the students.