House in blue

Jain Residence . Mumbai

Type. Hospitality | Completed. 2019

Size. 3500sqft.  | Cost60 lac

The goal for us was to create a beautiful elegant space for a young couple with children in Mumbai and
the neoclassical style was proved to be the best option for them. It was very important to maintain
balance between calm, creative energy and the purposed functional details.

The spaces have been designed with modern furniture put in the context of a room that has the bones of
a neoclassical aesthetic including crown mouldings, wall beadings which add to the symmetry. giving the
space a sense of formality. Mixability of ancient aesthetics with today’s- furnishing.

The studio took their time to ensure that each nook and corner of this project is filled with enamour and
elegance. The idea was to light up the residence with simple colour schemes and warm hues, a beautiful
take on minimalism in Interior Design.

The color palette in this distinctive style is very subtle with an emphasis on ivory, taupe, tan and beige.
This simple colour scheme is uncomplicated and relaxing.
By utilising full-length windows, ample natural light is brought into the room, which gives the impression
of space. The warm tones of the room complement the surrounding greenery. The rug, drapes, and
sculptures bring out the traditional side while balancing out the modern Chesterfield sofa sets and the

Following the contemporary style, the color palette has been kept to a beige-based scheme merged with
the deep browns of the wood paneling and furniture detailing. The soothing texture of the grey veins in
the white marble in book-match pattern adds to the feel of the room. While this color scheme brings out
the warm homely tones, there is always an added colorful element as well to break any monotony.
The six-seater dining table is kept in the centre of the room. The granite finish adds warmth and works
well with the overall feel of the room.

The kitchen is designed with teal chevron subway tiles complimenting the white seamless modular
fittings and cabinets.

In the master bedroom, accented walls and wood panelling welcome you. The transitional design
combination of modern with classic styles can be very evidently experienced. There is a striking
combination of metal and wood all through the room. There is a warm yellow light that fills the room
adding to a pleasant mood lighting.

The kid's bedroom is designed keeping in mind the adolescent years adding a pop of colour
incorporating the lego contemporary theme. The room has a designated study space and sufficient
storage for the two children. There is an additional guest bedroom continuing a minimal theme with
seamless handles and accessories for the furniture.
The balcony has been enhanced with a green wall, wooden flooring, furniture and antique lighting to
relish a sunset.